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Famous couple with same name divorce in Florida

The married couple who became famous for having the exact same name are calling it quits. The husband and wife, both named Kelly Hildebrandt, have filed for divorce in Florida after making headlines in the U.S. for marrying each other.

The couple became famous after news broke of a couple getting married who shared the same first and last name. The couple got married in 2009 and they were featured in stories by the "Today Show," Fox News, People Magazine and many other news networks.

The couple filed for divorce last year in Broward County, citing irreconcilable differences. The case is still pending, according to court records. The couple said that they came from "different worlds" as one was from Texas and the other was from Florida.

The male Hildebrandt said that he didn't know if all the media attention impacted their marriage and lead to their divorce but he did say that he wouldn't want his future relationships to be in the spotlight again.

This specific case has gained more attention due to the couple's marriage being covered by the media. Unfortunately, that also means that their divorce has been highlighted by many news teams as well.

While most divorce cases will not have the attention of the news and entertainment industry, this case does highlight some issues that may need to be discussed during the couple's divorce settlement negotiations. Assets and property owned together will need to be divided during the divorce process and the couple could face some extra challenges since one of the spouse's now lives in another state.

Spouses who are considering filing for divorce should consult a divorce attorney to discuss their specific issues and address any questions that may need to be answered before the divorce can be finalized.

Source: NBC 6, "Husband and Wife, Both Named Kelly Hildebrandt, End Marriage," Juan Ortega, Jan. 11, 2013

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