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International flight turns around due to custody dispute

When we think about child abduction, we typically think about a child being kidnapped by a stranger. However, parental abduction is also a problem in Florida and the rest of the country, and it involves a parent taking a child against the other parent’s wishes.

Recently, an alleged parental abduction took a dramatic turn when an international flight was ordered to turn around at 35,000 feet above land. The FBI ordered the plane, which was headed from Virginia to Beijing, to divert right after reaching Canadian air space earlier this month. 

Kris Jenner finally files for divorce from Bruce Jenner

After nearly a year-long separation, reality TV matriarch Kris Jenner officially filed for divorce from former Olympian Bruce Jenner this week. Kris cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for ending the 23-year marriage.

Kris and Bruce each have four children from previous relationships as well as two children together. Only one of the children, Kylie, is a minor, so she will be the only one subject to a child custody order. According to reports, the couple has asked to share joint custody of Kylie.

How to establish paternity in Florida?

For unmarried fathers, establishing paternity is an extremely important step to take in order to secure parental rights. Unmarried fathers who do not establish paternity could lose visitation rights and the right to have a say in the upbringing of their child.

Paternity is established automatically when the father is married to the mother at the time of the birth. However, if the mother and father are not married when the child is born, additional steps need to be taken to establish paternity. This is true even if the father has had an active role in the child’s life.

Leaving an abusive spouse and gaining financial independence

In the wake of the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal, many people have questioned his then fiancée, now wife’s decision to stay by her abuser’s side. In response, abuse victims from around the country explained their reasons for staying on social media using the hashtag #WhyIStayed.

Not surprisingly, it turned out many of the abuse victims stayed in relationships and marriages because they were financially dependent on their abusers. No one should have to stay in an abusive relationship because of finances, which is why a recent article from Time Magazine provided several steps that abuse victims can take in effort to gain financial independence and leave their abusers. 

Making retirement plans a reality after divorce

As we have reported in past posts on our blog, divorce is on the rise among the 50 and older demographic. And while retirement assets are important in all divorce cases, they are especially important in cases involving couples who are nearing retirement age.

If you are divorcing later in life, you are probably wondering if you will still be able to stick to your plan of retiring within the next decade or so. You are probably also worried about losing part of the retirement savings you worked so hard to put away.

When prenups fail: The top three reasons

Prenuptial agreements are extremely common among wealthy individuals, especially when entering marriage after they have already achieved financial success. And while they are generally sturdy legal documents, there is no guarantee that they will be held up in court, especially if the spouse who was asked to sign the agreement can convince a judge that the contract is not legally enforceable.

In our last post, we discussed the increasingly bitter divorce between hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin and his wife of 10 years, Anne Dias Griffin. Griffin is reportedly worth around $5 billion, so it’s fair to say that the stakes are high in this case.

Even though the couple entered a prenuptial agreement awarding Dias Griffin only 1 percent of her husband’s wealth upon divorce, she is asking the contract to be thrown out on the basis of “duress and coercion.”

Billionaire's wife says prenup was signed under duress

Earlier this summer, we reported that one of the nation’s wealthiest people -- Ken Griffin, founder of the hedge fund Citadel -- filed for divorce from his wife of 10 years, Anne Dias Griffin. Griffin is worth an estimated $5 billion, but under the terms of the prenuptial agreement the couple signed before tying the knot, Anne would only be entitled to 1 percent of that wealth.

That is, of course, unless the prenuptial agreement was deemed unenforceable by the judge presiding over the case.

What does the law say about pets and divorce?

If you were to take a trip to any local shopping area, there is a very good chance that you will encounter a multitude of stores dedicated solely to pets from the ubiquitous big-box retail chains to the so-called animal boutiques.

That's because more people than ever are now calling themselves pet owners, with statistics showing that there are upwards of 179 million cats and dogs currently residing in homes here in the U.S.

Of course, with this increase in pet ownership often comes increased difficulty in divorce proceedings, as splitting spouses are reluctant to part ways with their animals whom they consider to be members of the family.

Indeed, a growing number of attorneys are reporting pet ownership emerging as one of the more hotly contested issues in divorce proceedings.

What does the 'best interests of the child' mean?

If you are currently involved in a child custody matter, you may have already been told that any decisions that are made should be in the “best interests” of the child involved.

If the matter is taking place outside of the court system, that means the parents should focus on what is best for their child when negotiating an agreement. If the matter is taking place within the court process, it means the judge will base his or her decision on the “best interests of the child” standard.

A few misconceptions about high-asset divorce cases

Last month, it was reported that one of the wealthiest people in the country, hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin, had filed for divorce from his wife of more than a decade, who is also a hedge fund operator.

In the wake of the announcement, speculation began to swirl over how much the divorce settlement would be worth and when the sordid details of the marriage would be disclosed.

However, there is a lot the general public doesn’t know when it comes to high asset divorce cases. For starters, just because Ken Griffin filed for divorce first doesn’t mean that he will get a better deal out of the divorce, as some reports have suggested.

In reality, the order of filing for divorce doesn’t really make an impact on the outcome of the settlement as the divorce is granted to both parties and assets are split equitably. 

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